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Chimney Sweeping

Every year there are over 25,000 chimney fires… Almost all chimney fires are preventable with regular annual inspections and sweeping, which are necessary to remove creosote, soot and other combustible materials that can build up and block your heating system.

Clean chimneys generally do not catch fire. Make sure a CSIA certified chimney sweep inspects and cleans your fireplace at least once a year.

Besides the importance of ensuring your chimney is working safely and efficiently, regular maintenance will also help prolong the life of your heating system, as well as remove the potential for odor problems that arise when build-up occurs in an infrequently cleaned fireplace or chimney.

The Chimney Safety Institute of America certified technicians at Des Moines Chimney Sweep have the experience to safely and thoroughly clean your Des Moines, West Des Moines or Ankeny chimney, fireplace and dryer vents as well as to perform the CSIA approved inspections on these structures.

With every chimney sweeping service Des Moines Chimney Sweep also provides a Level I Inspection of your chimney and fireplace at no extra charge.

During the Sweeping Process of a Dirty Fireplace              After

chimneysweep 021       chimneysweep 024       chimneysweep 025

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Chimney Cap Installations

Des Moines Chimney Sweep highly recommends a chimney cap as a defensive measure against rainwater, debris and animals.

Chimney caps come in many different sizes and shapes to fit the needs of the customer and the style of fireplace. At Des Moines Chimney Sweep we carry a variety of chimney caps that meet the design aesthetics of our customers.

All of our Home Saver Pro 100% stainless steel chimney caps come with a lifetime warranty.

A chimney cap will help prevent rainwater from entering the chimney liner. When water enters a chimney liner or flue it can cause rapid deterioration and require costly reconstruction. Because of the intense storms Iowa cities like Urbandale, Norwalk and Clive endure every year, a chimney cap is an affordable investment for your home.

To help avoid chimney fires, installing a chimney cap will keep out flammable debris such as leaves, sticks and other fragments that can get caught up in our strong Iowa winds and blown into your chimney. These devices will prevent large sparks from exiting your chimney and starting a fire, while also protecting against birds, squirrels and other unwelcome guests from rooting in your flue.

Before Cap Installation         After Stainless Steel Cap Installation

masonry crown cracked and leaking (before pic)      chimneysweep 010

Top Dampers and Damper Repair

A fireplace damper is a metal plate that sits above the firebox and which controls the draft. At Des Moines Chimney Sweep, we offer damper repair services and top sealing damper installations for our customers throughout Iowa including Ankeny, Grimes and Pleasant Hill.

For any problems concerning broken dampers or other chimney repair needs, give Des Moines Chimney Sweep a call. We are the best choice for damper repair and installations.

In instances of irreparable damage, Des Moines Chimney Sweep will install new top sealing or top dampers where necessary in order to create an energy efficient seal at the top of the chimney. This procedure will help ensure heat remains inside your home.

Minor Masonry Repairs

Our certified professionals are available to repair spalling brick, perform minor tuck-pointing and masonry crown repairs, and many other services. Contact Des Moines Chimney Sweep today for a full service menu.

Before                                                                                                      After

before        before chimney leak       after repaired flashing        after

Firebox Repair

Winters in Iowa can be bitterly cold, so for home fireplaces in Waukee, Indianola and West Des Moines, the extended use of a fireplace throughout the winter can begin to take a toll on your firebox. Over time the firebox of most fireplaces will crack due to the high temperatures sustained from the burning of wood.

Cracked and damaged fireboxes are major safety issues and should be repaired as quickly as possible. Sustaining proper maintenance throughout the lifetime of a firebox will help reduce the risk of chimney fires within your home.

Des Moines Chimney Sweep also installs heat reflector shields that will further protect your firebox from heat damage and will also reflect additional heat into the living space.

Metal Crown (Chimney Chase Cover) Installation

A chimney chase cover is a cap that protects and seals off wood-framed or brick-laid chimneys much like a chimney crown does on a masonry chimney; Des Moines Chimney Sweep will discuss the need for a new crown with the homeowner before installing one.

Many times when houses are initially built the chase cover that is installed is made of cheaper metal and is more flimsy than a long-lasting crown should be. Over time these chase covers will rust and collect water, which can lead to leakages and other issues. Des Moines Chimney Sweep offers our customers the simple advice that if they notice rust streaks running down their chimney, it is definitely time to replace the rusted chase cover.

At Des Moines Chimney Sweep we only install crowns fabricated by a specialist that are made of heavy duty galvanized metal, stainless steel or copper that will prevent water from leaking and avoid rusting. Because Iowa has such unpredictable weather, it is very important to have a good-quality, expertly installed crown for your fireplace.


By having the experienced technicians at Des Moines Chimney Sweep waterproof your chimney we can help you prevent water damage that results in costly masonry repairs. Waterproofing is a very economical way to protect your chimney from the finicky Iowa weather.

Waterproofing your chimney will help prolong the life and integrity of the structure. Any masonry surface like concrete, brick or cinder block will benefit from applying and maintaining a waterproof sealant.

When you choose the certified sweeps from Des Moines Chimney Sweep, you can feel confident that you will receive the best quality sealant application and service in the Des Moines, West Des Moines, Johnston and Altoona area.

Crown Repair

The chimney crown is an integral part of any chimney. If you are experiencing a leaky chimney it could be due to a damaged crown.

Chimney crown repair varies in price depending on the size of the chimney crown and how accessible it is to our certified technicians.

Des Moines Chimney Sweep uses Crown Coat to repair masonry crowns that are cracked. Crown Coat is a flexible, waterproof sealant that is applied over the entire chimney crown. A professional crown coat application stops further water intrusion throughout the crown and carries a 15 year warranty.

We also resurface chimneys and install new metal crowns that will protect your chimney for years to come.

Before Crown Repair              After Crown Repair

masonry crown cracked and leaking (before pic)       chimneysweep 012

Relining a Chimney

The lining inside a chimney is essential because it creates a smooth channel up the chimney that allows heat and gases to disperse as well as blocks heat from causing flammable materials within ignition distance from catching fire.

Unfortunately over time the liner or chimney flue begins to break down, which can make your fireplace dangerous to operate. With Des Moines Chimney Sweep we have the experience to reline your chimney with a new flue liner. Enjoy the cold Iowa nights with your newly relined chimney.

Wood and Gas Insert Installation

Generally there are two types of heat producing appliances called inserts – wood inserts and gas inserts. Because masonry fireplaces usually don’t product heat, a wood or gas insert is literally inserted into an existing masonry fireplace to produce the warmth associated with a fireplace.

The experienced professionals at Des Moines Chimney Sweep would install a gas or wood insert if a customer’s flue liner was damaged or if they wanted to supplement their power bill with a heat producing appliance for their home during the harsh Iowa winter months.

Power Washing

Des Moines Chimney Sweep offers power washing services – pressure washing is one of the most affordable and easiest ways to maintain your home’s façade.

Remove caked-on dirt and grime from your home with pressure washing from the experienced professionals at Des Moines Chimney Sweep.